Welcome to Lifestyle Freedom 24-7

My name is Jeffrey Eatherton and the handsome boy next to me is Angus my Border Collie.

I’d like to share a little bit about myself and how I came to build this website.

I was born in 1955 in Rapid City, South Dakota. So that makes me part of the “baby boomer” generation and puts me in my mid 60’s.

Now from as long ago as I can remember I always liked to build things, above ground and below, and my mother use to get pretty aggravated with the holes in the backyard which were my below ground forts. So needless to say it was no wonder that after graduating high school I went directly into the building trades and remained there until about 2 1/2 years ago.

My last 15 years in the trades was doing storm restoration. When I first started it was a new niche in the trades, and what I mean by that is it was new as far as how it was carried out. Sure roofing and siding companies were repairing roofs and siding on houses from severe hail storms long before that, but the company that I worked for (there were only about two or three others in the country at that time) realized that the normal roofing and siding companies were leaving a boat load of money on the table. They didn’t understand how the insurance side of it worked or for that matter how to even read and make sense of the paperwork.

What we would do after a big hail storm went through an area is find a local roofing and/or siding company with a good reputation and set up a limited partnership with them.

Our people (including myself) were trained how to identify hail damage on all types of roof coverings, how to read, understand and supplement the insurance paperwork and meet with the insurance adjusters and go over the damage. We would contract with the homeowner to do the job for what the insurance paid and their only out-of-pocket was their deducible. It was very profitable and I started out being paid 35% of the net profit of every job I brought in and it wasn’t long before I was making 50%!

The problem no one saw coming was that over time the people working in this new niche broke off of these first companies and started their own storm restoration companies and all the local roofing and siding companies we worked with over the years learned the ins and outs of dealing with the insurance companies themselves so at the end of my 15 years in this niche competition had become brutal! I had enough and just flat walked away from it without considering my options!

Then reality set in. At my age I couldn’t go back into a normal construction job. As far as a management position went the construction companies were looking for younger people with a collage degree, I felt lost and some fear started to set in. What was I going to do.

I thought with all the background that I had maybe I could get a good job at one of the big box stores. I put in an application at a Home Depot™ and a Menards™. I received a call from Menards™ and they wanted me to come in and do an interview. When I sat down and talked to them they had a position (part time) in their receiving department, and I took it hoping it would turn into more what I was looking for.

All it turned into was a full time position which was better, but I was out in the yard on a forklift unloading trucks and loading customers. It was hot in the summer and miserably cold in the winter.

My fear and frustration continued to grow. “Is this all I have to look forward to?” I would silently ask myself.

Now I realized everything was becoming digital, and I would sit and wish that I new more about computers then sending and receiving emails and surfing the internet. If only I had the skills and understanding to do something like start an online business. But how, I didn’t have the funds to go back to school to get a degree and lets face it, I couldn't see myself sitting in a classroom with students a third my age that had been using computers since grade school! Ya right! I felt that my ship had already sailed, and my fear and frustration just grew more, I was really getting worried and felt so lost. Probably worse, I kept it all bottled up inside.

Then one day I saw an add (I think I was looking at the weather forecast on my weather app on my phone). It was about some free training for online marketing. I though what the hell, I’ll see what it’s all about, probably just another scam!

I submitted in my name and email address and right away I received an email with a training video and over the course of about a week, maybe a week and a half I received several more emails with training videos.

What I saw in these videos really didn’t seem that hard and made sense, but they also made sure that I understood that the learning curve was pretty steep. Now that impressed me because I didn’t feel like I was being scammed. I was also impressed with the fact that they let it be known that if I was looking for a get rich quick over night type of deal that I needed to move on because I was in the wrong place.

I thought about it for a few days, watched the videos and read the emails a few more times and decided what the hell “I’m going all in!”.

So What Happened? Well for one thing I built this website (something I thought I could never do)! It may not take any awards (not sure if they do that kind of thing for websites) but I’m pretty damn proud of it, and pretty damn proud of myself! I’m learning new tools and digital skills, and I’m on my way to becoming a digital entrepreneur!

But the coolest thing that’s been happening in my life is that all my fears and frustrations about my future have been fading away! What’s taking the place of those fears and frustrations is the realization of being able to have my own lifestyle of freedom! Being able to have the time and finances to do the things that are of interest to me and all I’ll need is my laptop and an internet connection!

And that’s why I started this website. I want to help anyone that feels it’s to late, BECAUSE IT'S NOT, that I’m to old, YOU'RE NEVER TO OLD, my ships already sailed, IT HASN'T SAILED YET, to realize if I can do it so can you!

That you can still have a lifestyle of personal freedom whatever that means for you. Think about it, and maybe you’ll go “All In” like I did!

To put why I started this website another way I’d like to quote Golden Rule Jones of Toledo “What I want for myself, I want for everyone.”