How a 62-year-old man in the construction industry, hung up his tool belt to find retirement and a lifestyle of freedom!

What does Lifestyle Freedom mean to you?

  • Being able to stay home and watch your children or grandchildren grow up?
  • Traveling the world and exploring all the diversity it has to offer?
  • Not having to wake up to an alarm clock, rushing around to get ready for work because of a 45-minute commute?
  • Worked hard most of your life and now it’s time to really enjoy it?
  • All of the above and more?

Let’s face it, the dream of lifestyle freedom is different for each of us, but what’s the same for all of us is that we can achieve our dreams in less time then you may think!

A little bit about my life.

A picture of Jeffrey Eatherton
Picture of myself, August, 5th, 2018

Welcome to Lifestyle Freedom 24-7. My name is Jeffrey Eatherton and I would like to share a little about myself, and what made me get out of the construction industry and hang-up my tool pouch, to journey down a path of attraction and spiritual awakening at the age of 62, in the pursuit of what lifestyle freedom means to me.

My first 28 years.

I was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota. Which lies on the eastern slopes of the Black Hills.

At the age of two, my father passed away from Leukemia and my mother was left on her own to raise myself and an older brother and sister. Even though I was without a father I think I was a lucky kid. Raised in a very caring environment with good values.

At age 8 my mother remarried. Harold was a good, hard-working, gentle, man. He was the head of the electrical department at a state-owned cement plant, and also ran his own business.

Two years after they were married our family grew with the birth of my step-brother.

I was always good at school. High grades, honor classes, but I always leaned towards my creative side. I loved working with my hands.

I graduated high school with high grades and despite being told I needed to go to college and become another professional in the world I went into the construction industry. I was a fast learner, hard worker and always took pride in my work.

By my late 20’s I had a very successful business as a subcontractor. My specialty was siding, I had 4 to 10 people working for me depending on the projects I had going.

My first computer and the wolves!

Now around 2000 I purchased my first computer. I knew nothing about it and what I learned was self-taught.

The internet was a novelty and I found myself looking up all kinds of information in pure amazement.

One day I came upon an article about how you could make millions almost overnight doing something called affiliate marketing.

I ordered the book and to my dismay, I had all kinds of information on what to do but no support for my many questions. I was basically “thrown to the wolves!”

I put some money into the venture but it was all in vain. It wasn’t long before I gave up on the whole idea.

My introduction to sales.

I was in my mid-forties and the thought of continuing in the construction industry was starting to wear on me. I had had some injuries over the years and they were taking their toll.

One night searching on the internet I came across an ad for siding and roofing salesmen. I had never considered myself a salesman, but I thought about how I had to interact with people as a sub-contractor to secure work, so I said: “what the hell.”

I found out that it was in a fairly new niche in the industry involving storm restoration on residential houses damaged from hail storms and hurricanes. It involved being away from home for an extended period

There was no hourly wage or salary. It was 100% commission based. I found that I was very good at it. My first year I made around $80k!

It involved cold calling. Walking neighborhoods, knocking on doors, talking to homeowners, and securing a signed contract to do the work.

This is what I did for the next 15 years. It was great in the beginning, but stressful and over the years the competition had become furious.

I ended up in Ft. Myers, Florida in October of 2017 after hurricane Irma had taken her toll. The company I was working for dropped the ball and didn’t get things organized until January.

By then with all the competition out there we ended up at a disadvantage. I had spent a lot of my reserves sitting and waiting for the company to get things set up!

I gave it my best for 5 months but the time lost after the beginning of the storm caused sales to be less than desirable.

Decided to make a drastic change.

By the end of May, I took the plunge and decided to move to Torrington, Wyoming because my younger brother and his wife had been trying to get me to move closer to them. Family first is one of my values.

I found myself looking for work and not really sure being 62 what I was going to do.

While searching the web I came across a company that offered education to become an entrepreneur in the ever-growing digital marketplace. Remember my experience in 2000?

This time it was different.

Right up front, they let me know that this wasn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and if that is what I was looking for that I needed to look elsewhere.

I was also told that there would be an investment of not only money but time as well. But with some hard work up front, a life of working 2 to 3 hours a day, from anywhere in the world as long as I had an internet connection, and producing a six-figure plus income annually was very much within reach.

This was very appealing to me. Spending my adult life in the construction industry I wasn’t afraid of hard work and I could never see myself retired as most see retirement. Retirement to me is having the time and money to work at what interests me.

I was offered a free 7-day video series. I signed up for it and over the next 7 days, I received an email with a link for each video.

My journey has started!

I’m on an incredible journey now of not only learning to succeed in the digital world but a journey of self-discovery and attracting the lifestyle freedom that I desire.

With this website, I hope to help people that have found themselves in a situation similar to mine, or that see it on the horizon, to be able to pursue what lifestyle freedom means to them.

Through different posts on this website, I will be sharing different aspects and insights of the journey that I’m on.

So as I end for now I would like to leave you with a quote from Golden Rule Jones of Toledo which also sums up my mission statement – “What I want for myself, I want for everyone.”

Here’s to you! May you find the Lifestyle Freedom that you seek and deserve!