What direction to take? Ask the elephant!

In my post on February 27th, I talked about the shift in my values because of my quantum moment that put spirituality to the top of my list of values.

I also came to the realization that we are not separate, that at the most basic level of the quantum world which is pure abstract consciousness, everything in this vast universe is connected. That we are spirit and that we exist on more than one plane which I discussed in my post on February 13th.

In that February 13th post in the interview with Dr. John Hagelin on “Consciousness and Superstring Unified Field Theory”, Dr. Hagelin mentioned that through the ages cultures understood that connection with everything through their experiences and this was called enlightenment.

So I was then left with the questions to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Which direction do I take now? What culture should I study? Whose beliefs are correct? Well, the universe pointed me to……..

The parable of the blind men and the elephant.


blind men with elephant
The blind men and the elephant.

I don’t know if you have ever heard the parable, and there are several different variations. Here is the version the Universe introduced me to:

A long, long time ago in a small village in India, there were six blind men that had never seen an elephant before. One day they heard there was an elephant in the village and they decided to go and find out what an elephant was like.

The first blind man went up and touched the elephant’s ear. He said to himself this elephant is like a big fan.

The second blind man touched the elephant’s tusk. He said to himself this elephant is like a spear.

The third blind man touched the elephant’s leg. He said to himself this elephant is like a strong tree.

The fourth blind man touched the elephant’s side. He said to himself this elephant is like a mighty wall.

The fifth blind man touched the elephant’s trunk. He said to himself this elephant is like a large snake.

The sixth blind man touched the elephant’s tail. He said to himself this elephant is like a strong rope.

Later when they were back together they discussed what they had discovered about the elephant and began to argue about their descriptions. A wise old man was walking by and heard them arguing and he asked “What is the trouble?” the blind men responded, “We cannot agree what an elephant is like!”

After listening to each man’s description of the elephant the wise old man looked at them and said “Each of you is right, and each of you is also wrong. If you put all your descriptions together you will have a better understanding of what an elephant is truly like.”

The poem.

There is also a poem written by John Godfrey Saxe (1816 – 1887) about the parable and it goes:

It was six men of Indostan
To learning much inclined,
Who went to see the Elephant
(Though all of them were blind),
That each by observation
Might satisfy his mind.

The First approached the Elephant,
And happening to fall
Against his broad and sturdy side,
At once began to bawl:
“God bless me! but the Elephant
Is very like a WALL!”

The Second, feeling of the tusk,
Cried, “Ho, what have we here,
So very round and smooth and sharp?
To me ’tis mighty clear
This wonder of an Elephant
Is very like a SPEAR!”

The Third approached the animal,
And happening to take
The squirming trunk within his hands,
Thus boldly up and spake:
“I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant
Is very like a SNAKE!”

The Fourth reached out an eager hand,
And felt about the knee
“What most this wondrous beast is like
Is mighty plain,” quoth he:
“‘Tis clear enough the Elephant
Is very like a TREE!”

The Fifth, who chanced to touch the ear,
Said: “E’en the blindest man
Can tell what this resembles most;
Deny the fact who can,
This marvel of an Elephant
Is very like a FAN!”

The Sixth no sooner had begun
About the beast to grope,
Than seizing on the swinging tail
That fell within his scope,
“I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant
Is very like a ROPE!”

And so these men of Indostan
Disputed loud and long,
Each in his own opinion
Exceeding stiff and strong,
Though each was partly in the right,

And all were in the wrong.

The realization…….

I believe now that as we are ready and if we are listening, paying more attention to that little voice known as intuition the Universe will guide us on each of our journeys.

I also believe that there is no such thing as coincidences, everything happens for a reason, and as before if we pay more attention to our intuition, take action, the Universe, that ocean of pure abstract intelligence, that connects everything will guide us on our journeys through life, introducing, revealing to us the next step as we are ready.

But we have to learn to listen and take action!

Whether you realize it or not, or believe it or not. We are co-creators, we create our own realities. Each one of us lives in our own worlds, each one unique with its own experiences and perceptions. The choices we make determine the path of each journey.

Do we perceive the things in our lives with open minds, do we do it with general objectivity, and with a consideration of others point of view? Or are we bias? And do those biases stop us from being the person we were truly meant to be and living the life we truly want?

Are we like the blind men? Being right, but also wrong because we only see a part and not the whole.

Before my quantum moment, my shift, I was like most, stuck in that proverbial rut. Following the status quo, chasing dreams and going nowhere. Feeling a lack of fulfillment in whatever I did. Not realizing that I was creating my own reality!

The switch didn’t just flip!

switch on mans forehead
The change wasn’t instant as if a switch was flipped.

I’m not saying that at my quantum moment when I experienced my shift and started my spiritual journey that I instantly quit following the status quo, chasing dreams (I still chase dreams but they have changed) and felt instantly fulfilled.

There wasn’t an instantaneous flip of the switch!

Those dreams are turning into visions but as I said in my February 20th post for myself holding on to those visions with “sustained and consecutive thought” creating my own reality is not an easy thing for me but I’m getting there.

I have to say that I no longer worry about the so-called status quo, and look at it, it’s changed today compared to yesterday and will probably be different tomorrow! I’m not part of that flock!

There are days when I don’t feel fulfilled, heck there are weeks! But the fact is this is life, it’s a journey. It’s not all “unicorns and rainbows” as one of my new mentors puts it. But the feeling of fulfillment If we don’t earn it, if we don’t put in the work will we really appreciate it?

Questions and answers.

The parable of the blind men and the elephant gave me the answers that I needed at the time, to my questions that I mentioned in the beginning of this post, guiding me forward on my new spiritual journey to enlightenment.

Remember they were:

Question: Which direction do I take now? What culture should I study? Whose beliefs are correct?

Answer: I realized that I needed to look in more than one direction, and look at not just one culture or set of beliefs but at all the ones that embraced oneness with the Universe and to do it objectively, with an open mind and to consider their viewpoints.

“Hey, Universe I’m listening, which cultures?” I waited for the Universe to give me the next clue (or should I say hint) in my journey. I’ll tell you about the next hint in my next post.


The parable shows how we can be blinded by bias views and that we should be wary of the promotion of any absolute truths.

Since then I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn each day on this spiritual journey towards my enlightenment with little universal hints (if you catch my drift), if I listen for them. Learning to listen is just one part of the process which I’m constantly getting better at.

Just like any journey in life, there have been highs and lows, roadblocks and detours, staying on the path and falling off of it for a while.

I have to say over the past 13 years my spiritual journey has not been smooth sailing by any means!

There have been periods of time when it’s been one step forward and two steps back. Other times a progression of baby steps forward and even some ah-ha moments.

I’ve learned a lot and continue to do so about my personal life, and this amazing universe we call home and hope by sharing it will inspire or maybe at least invoke a little of your own curiosity about who and what we really are and how we affect each other and everything in the universe.

I have to say that sharing my past and present journey with you on this website has served as a great refresher for me also. There is nothing better in my opinion for us to stop and reflect on what we’ve done and learned, and haven’t done yet, or what we need to do differently.

I know my journey that I’ve been on now for the last 13 years will never end. Eight months ago my new journey of becoming a digital entrepreneur will allow me the time and financial freedom to pursue my journey of realizing my deeper self and hopefully help others to realize a lifestyle of freedom that’s unique to each of us.

As always…….

I invite you to go to my contact page and drop me a line or two with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions as my journey through attraction, self-awareness, and education continues. All by creation and not competition.

I’m running a marathon, not a sprint!

In this post, I thought I would give you an update about my journey I began a little over 8 months ago to become a digital entrepreneur which will allow me to live a lifestyle of retirement on my terms, which everyone deserves.

Realize, I may be 63 years of age but I’m not looking to get rich overnight. I have plenty of years left to enjoy my life so I figure I can spend a little time learning about the digital marketplace. As I’ve heard many of my mentors say over the last 8 months “your running a marathon, not a sprint”!

The benefits of this education.

The education that I’m receiving will allow me to:

  • Position myself in the marketplace of the fourth industrial revolution which if you remember in my second post has just started.
  • Earn an income with no cap. By no cap, I mean just that! Say you were a lawyer making $750.00 an hour, there still is a limit to what you can earn. In this new marketplace where you have a global audience, where you can automate a lot of the marketing procedures once they’re in place and then leverage what works, and do it on multiple platforms if you want, there really is no cap to my earning potential!
  • Being able to run this business anywhere I choose to be and at whatever time of day I choose, as long as I have my laptop and an internet connection. How would you like to be able to schedule your work around your life, instead of scheduling your life around your work?
  • Creating a lifestyle of time and financial on my terms, not someone else doing what I enjoy. What is your passion/s?

It’s education done right!

All my mentors and they could be your mentors too, have been there, they’re successful in their own right and continue on their own paths of success. But their real passion is to see everyone that chooses to become a digital entrepreneur succeed!

There are modules set up in a progressive order starting with getting to really know yourself and what you want to achieve.

The first thing I learned was about me! What were my values? What would my perfect day look like? What would my perfect week look like? I had never been asked to look at my life this way and I started to truly know thyself.

Now, this might not seem to be relevant for becoming a digital entrepreneur but think about it, the digital world allows you to create an income from any subject you can think of. What are your interests, what are you passionate about?

Along with the modules they have live webcasts, live events, and a community made up of other students in all phases of their own journeys as digital entrepreneurs that are there to help and support you 24-7-365!

You’re also kept up-to-date on all the new changes going on in this new digital marketplace that’s always evolving.

An open door to knowledge for all types of interests.

Man with a box of knowledge
Knowledge creates ideas

There is also a nice perk that is included with my education and that is access to over 6500 training videos on all types of subjects.

I’ve learned skills from these training videos that add to the new business that I’m learning but there is training available to me that cover just about any interest I can think of!

For instance, I’ve always been interested in photography and I just started a 16 plus hour course on mastering the skills of Adobe Photoshop that has exercises included so I can follow along with hands-on training, it’s great!

Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar or to try your hand at painting landscapes? There’s access to all kinds of courses on just these two examples.

You’re probably wondering…….

So Jeffrey how much money have you made so far?

The answer is none yet. But again I’m running a marathon, not a sprint.

I’ve learned a lot in these last 8 months. About myself, how to set up a website like this, about different marketing platforms and the list goes on.

I look at it this way.

If I was to go to college to get a degree in website development and marketing I would be looking at 4 years and thousands and thousands of dollars out-of-pocket before starting my new career.

To date, I’ve spent about $1000.00 and I’m at a point to where I’m ready to start test marketing and seeing an income develop and I’m not even close to being done with the education process! They offer so much more as far as education goes in this vast new digital marketplace that I plan to be here for a long time. It’s a marathon and a journey!

So I make a challenge to you.

The challenge is on!

Check out the education offered to become a digital entrepreneur and the opportunity to have a lifestyle of time and financial freedom that you deserve!

They offer a money back guarantee so there’s no risk. It might be just what you’re looking for to give you lifestyle freedom on your own terms and it might not, and that’s okay too. Heck if it was for everyone, everyone would be doing it!

I know for myself it’s right, and that the only way I will fail is if I quit, and I’m not a quitter!

So I hope you take the challenge and if you don’t I at least hope that you will stop by my website from time to time to catch up on my journey.


“There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” – Bruce Lee –


As always…….

I invite you to go to my contact page and drop me a line or two with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions as my journey through attraction, self-awareness, and education continues. All by creation and not competition.

The Quantum Moment.

In 2006 when I had my heart attack which led to the start of my spiritual journey I experienced a shift in my personal values. At that time I didn’t realize that there was an actual term for that shift in values that I had experienced.

“The Shift”

Six months ago (August 2018) during the start of my education process to become a digital entrepreneur my new mentors suggested I watch a movie by Dr. Wayne Dyer titled “The Shift”.

At the beginning of the education process, my mentors believe that in order to truly become a successful digital entrepreneur one needs to have a good understanding of oneself and what their personal goals truly are.

I thought it was interesting that they also suggested that I watch the movie “The Secret” which had started me on my spiritual journey 12 years prior.

So what is the actual term?

You may have already guessed it! When a person experiences a major event in their life, such as my heart attack, and it causes a sudden shift in their values this is called a “quantum moment”.

The study.

There was a study done over a long period of time with a group of men and women on their personal values. At the beginning of the study, they were asked about their values.

For the men the top five values were:

Quest for adventure
Like most men, adventure was one of my main values before my shift.
  • Wealth
  • A sense of adventure
  • Achievement
  • Pleasure
  • Respect



For the women the top five values were:

Career woman
A woman concerned about her career.
  • Family
  • Independence
  • Career
  • Fitting in
  • Attractiveness



When they concluded the study the people that had experienced some kind of major event triggering a quantum moment in their lives were asked again about their values. What they found was that the quantum moment had shifted their values.

For the men the top five values became:

Deep sense of family
Experiencing a deep sense of family, after the shift in values
  • Spirituality
  • Personal peace
  • Family
  • Gods will (a sense of peace)
  • Honesty



For the women the top five values became:

Happy woman
A woman’s values change from external to more intrinsic after experiencing her shift in values.
  • My own personal growth
  • A sense of self-esteem
  • Spirituality
  • Happiness
  • Forgiveness

So how did my values shift?

Looking back at the period in my life before I experienced my heart attack my top five values were pretty close to that of the men in the test group.

They were in order of importance to me:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Wealth
  • A sense of adventure
  • Achievement

After my quantum moment my shift in values in order of importance was:

  • Spirituality
  • Family
  • Honesty
  • Personal peace
  • Wealth

Keep in mind that before and after my quantum moment I have always had all these values mentioned here, plus some, they’ve just shifted as far as importance is concerned. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that spirituality was way down on the list of importance.

Really if you remember me saying in my third post that I was under the assumption that spirituality and religion were one and the same. Then spirituality wouldn’t have even been on my list of values before my quantum moment. I would have to of listed that value as religious.

It wasn’t an instant change.

Now my values didn’t just shift overnight but it was a very short period of time.

I believe that when I had my quantum moment my conscientiousness began to tune into the Universe. Into that sea of pure potential thought that connects everything which Dr. Hagelin spoke of in his interview in my third post.

And it wasn’t by chance.

I don’t believe that it just happened by chance when I was staying with my sister and brother-in-law that I was introduced to the movie “The Secret”.

That even though at that time in my life when wealth was in the top five of my value system, that was not what the movie impressed upon me.

I was made aware that there was a difference between religion and spirituality and was driven to find out the questions that were coming to mind:

  • Are we truly spirit?
  • Are there different planes of existence?
  • Was what I had been taught the truth?
  • How did quantum fit in?

All we have to do is listen.

I believe that we have intuition in order to connect with the Universe. We need to learn to become more aware of those intuitive thoughts presented to us.

Since my quantum moment, I have started to listen to those intuitive thoughts that pop into my head and explore them with an open mind, an open heart and paying attention to the emotions they bring forth. Those little sparks of intuition are taking me on a progressive path towards what a lifestyle of true freedom means to me.

path in the woods

It’s not always an easy path, like any path in the woods there are hills and valleys, turns and detours. But that’s life.

I have faith that the Universe is leading me in the right direction. It is ever expanding, ever increasing, a Universe where everything is totally connected to everything else by energy of pure abstract thought. As Wallace D. Wattles put it “thinking stuff”.

“The only limits you have are the limits you believe.” – Wayne Dyer –


As always…….

I invite you to go to my contact page and drop me a line or two with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions as my journey through attraction, self-awareness, and education continues. All by creation and not competition.

P. S…….

Have you had a quantum moment? Do you believe that our intuition is a connection to that thinking stuff that penetrates and permeates everything in our Universe? I’d like to know.

What inspired Ronda?

In my last post, I talked about the start of my spiritual journey which was brought about after my first viewing of the movie “The Secret”.

I decided to do this post on what Ronda Byrne’s inspiration was to create such a thought-provoking movie before continuing on with my personal journey. But I have to admit that what inspired Ronda has also added inspiration to my journey.

A little bit about Ronda.

picture of Ronda Byrne
Ronda Byrne

At that time Ronda Byrne was an executive television producer in Australia and she had fallen into a state of depression over the death of her father in 2004.

In the hope of helping her mother get through her depression Ronda’s daughter, Hailey gave her mom a little book. This book was “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.

After reading the book she began to do research and came to the conclusion that all great men in history knew of the laws of attraction. These men included Abraham Lincoln, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Winston Churchill to name a few.

As her research continued she found current proponents of the laws of attraction such as author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Bob Proctor, author Jack Canfield, entrepreneur John Assaraf, visionary Michael Beckwith, and the list goes on.

The movie “The Secret” was released in 2006 and the book followed in 2007.

As I suggested in my last post if you haven’t watched the movie “The Secret” give it a look and if you have watched it before watch it again, but be sure to do so with an open mind.

So who was Wallace D. Wattles?

picture of Wallace D. Wattles
Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace D. Wattles was born in Illinois in 1860. He grew up on a farm and worked as a farm laborer.

He believed in Christian Socialism and New Thought and started writing articles and books about his personal study and experimentation which he suggested to his readers that they try it for themselves and not take his word for it.

Wattles practiced the technique of creative visualization by forming a mental picture and then working toward the realization of that picture. He wrote almost constantly and it was during his writing that he would form his mental pictures.

Florence, Wattles daughter recalled that “he lived every page”. Florence wrote that “he made lots of money, and had good health, except for his extreme frailty”.

What did Wattles know back then?

I purchased my first copy of his book “The Science of Getting Rich” in 2008. The first time I read the book the question came up “was Wattles truly in touch with the universe?”

Here is an excerpt from his book that had me asking that question:

First, we assert that there is one original formless stuff or substance from which all things are made. All the seemingly many elements are but different presentations of one element.

 All the many forms found in organic and inorganic nature are but different shapes, made from the same stuff. And this stuff is thinking stuff —

 Later in his book he summarizes this by stating:

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

 If you watched the interview in my last post with John Hagelin on “Consciousness and Superstring Unified Field Theory” quantum physics has discovered that at the most basic level is the Unified Field and it is a field of pure potential thought energy that everything in the universe is formed from and here is the rub.

What Wattles described as “one original formless stuff or substance from which all things are made” to me was a description of the Unified Field, but how?

Wattles’ book was published in 1910 and it was just ten years earlier in 1900 that Quantum Theory was developed and Quantum Mechanics wouldn’t be developed until 1925!

Was the universe revealing to Wattles what quantum physicists had yet to discover?

If you watched the interview with John Hagelin what are your thoughts on this? I’d like to hear from you.

The book…..

The ideas in this little book of around 100 pages that were written over 100 years ago I believe are still prevalent today.

Wallace believed that the object of all life is development, and that “a person’s right to life means his right to have free and unrestricted use of all the things which may be necessary to his fullest mental, spiritual, and physical unfolding”, and in order to have the use of these things one must be rich.

By forming a thought of what one wants in his mind (creative visualization) and holding to that thought with faith and gratitude that it had already happened, it would be brought about by the formless thinking stuff, by whatever means necessary to produce it.

Wallace cautioned that there is enough for all and that one need not try to compete for what he wanted. As soon as you fall away from the creative mind into the competitive mind the process of creating what you want would be hindered or stopped.

He also said that if obtaining wealth meant dealing with people that you were always to give them something of greater value than the cash value that you received from them.

That you need to be continuously great-full for not only what you have at present but great-full for what you have yet to receive.

Even though these principles are straight forward and seemingly simple, because of the complexity of our everyday lives they are not very easy to implement and in the following statement Wallace made sure that we know this:

To think according to appearances is easy; to think truth regardless of appearances is laborious and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work we are called upon to perform. There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought. It is the hardest work in the world.

 I have to omit that at least in my case Wallace is right. Now I don’t know about you, but it’s very hard for me to visualize what I want with “sustained and consecutive thought”.

This little book has added to my life!

Even though some of the principles in Wattles book, such as having and using the things I want or living the way I want to in imagination as if I already have obtained them is very difficult for me to do, I still continue to study these and other principles laid down in his book.

I have read the book numerous times and also have it on audio in my phone and listen to it quite regularly. Bob Proctor has studied this book for decades and has a three-day seminar that he does on the principles of “The Science of Getting Rich” which I recommend you watch. I have linked them here:

Studying this book has helped me become aware of what things to look for when it comes to the changes I’m trying to make in my life such as my new journey I started seven months ago.

When I came across the opportunity to become educated as a digital entrepreneur I weighed what was being offered and who was offering it against some of the principles in Wattles book:

  1. Were my mentors concerned with creation or competition? They were concerned with creation, not competition and this is self-evident when you’ve meant their community.
  2. Were they offering me greater value than the cash value I would be paying? Yes, they were.
  3. In my business dealings with people would I be able to offer them greater value in what they received compared to what they paid for it? Yes, I would.

And I made the choice to start my new journey and I’m very glad I did!

I’m now creating a path that’s leading me to time and financial freedom and that gives me the opportunity to hopefully help others to do the same. I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time about not only creating a digital lifestyle but also about myself and continue to do so. It’s a journey I look forward to for the rest of my life!

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods.”  – Lord Byron –

 As always…….

I invite you to go to my contact page and drop me a line or two with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions as my journey through attraction, self-awareness, and education continues. All by creation and not competition.

The start of a carpenters spiritual journey.

arch at night

I had mentioned in my first post that in 2006 I had started on a personal spiritual journey and I would like to expand on that now.

The start of my journey.

At the age of 50, I suffered a heart attack and was off work for around 6 months. At that point in my life, I went through some very dramatic changes.

I took a hard look at my life up to that point and the thoughts of what was to come had all sorts of questions swirling around in my head.

Would I be able to go back to work in construction? What if I couldn’t? What would my options be? Quite honestly I was pretty scared!

My sister and brother-in-law asked me to stay with them for a while and I took them up on the offer.

I came across “The Secret”.

Treasure chest
What secrets does the universe hold for us?

That same year the movie “The Secret” which inspired the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne was released. My sister asked me to watch it.

Before then I was always under the assumption that religion and spirituality were one and the same. What a bad assumption!

The main theme in “The Secret” was the law of attraction and obtaining wealth and abundance. But that’s not what the movie impressed upon me at the time.

Yes, it would be great to be able to attract wealth and abundance into one’s life. That’s something I think every one of us wants.

But at the beginning of the movie Bob Proctor talked about us being spirit and that we exist on more than one plane.

Now that brought up all kinds of questions. I was raised to believe that we are all physical beings, that we were all separate from each other if we lived our lives according to the bible and what we ’re taught in church that God may have favor on us.

I was never taught that I was also a spirit and that there were other planes of existence other than the physical. If this were true, why wasn’t this taught to me?

Something else in the movie that caught my attention was the mention of quantum leaps. What was a quantum leap? Heck, what was quantum?

The quantum world.

Picture of an atom in an eye
A world of potentials.

I looked up quantum and the first thing mentioned was quantum physics. So I found a book on basic quantum physics and dove in. Even a basic book on the subject was not an easy read! But I got through the whole book.

Realizing that everything is energy that is just vibrating at different frequencies, and at the most basic of quantum levels everything is connected not just here but throughout the whole universe had my mind spinning.

Now this most basic of quantum levels is referred to as the “Unified Field” or the “Superstring Field” and the concept of this field is very hard to grasp. I could never explain the concept and do it justice, so I would like to share an interview with John Hagelin, Ph.D. on “Consciousness and Superstring Unified Field Theory”. Dr. Hagelin gives a most gracious explanation of how we are all connected by the “Unified Field”. It had me wondering just what are we truly capable of? Enjoy!

Wow! So now are you starting to wonder about who and what we really are? That we’re all truly connected! That this universe we live in is more alive than we thought it was? Is your mind starting to spin like mine was? I had to watch the interview twice the first time I saw it! And from time to time I watch it again as a reminder.

We are energetic, thinking beings living in a thought universe!

In Conclusion………….

That was the start of my spiritual journey. Spurred on by the movie “The Secret” and the universe nudging me to seek out the question; What is quantum?

I believe that the universe is constantly trying to guide us. That everything happens for a reason but we can choose to intuitively listen or not. What if I would have chosen not to watch the movie “The Secret”? Or not have chosen to find out further information about what quantum was after watching the movie? What would my journey look like today?

I probably wouldn’t be writing these blogs hoping that I can help other “Baby Boomers” like you get more out of the life we all deserve!

Heck. Seven months ago I would have never even thought I would have the abilities to set up a website like this, or doing these blog posts and working towards a true lifestyle of freedom for myself and others. If I would have chosen not to listen to the universe when it nudged me towards pursuing the education to become a digital entrepreneur, where would I be today?

As always…….

I invite you to go to my contact page and drop me a line or two with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions as my journey through attraction, self-awareness, and education continues. All by creation and not competition.

P. S……..

Through the movie “The Secret” my spiritual journey began from my first viewing and I hope if you haven’t watched it that you will and that you do so with an open mind and listen to what the universe is trying to impress upon you through the movie. If you have watched it, watch it again! I have watched it again and again because of the overwhelming amount of information presented. I’m not saying to binge watch it. Over the years I’ve watched it every so often and each time I do more is revealed for me to ponder on.

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”

 – Rumi –

If I can do it, so can you!

If you read my first post your probably saying, “Jeffrey that may be all fine and well for you, but I wouldn’t know where to begin and my computer skills are very limited. I didn’t grow up with computers like the younger people today have!”

I have to be honest there is a fairly steep learning curve in the beginning, but one of the things about our generation is that we’re not afraid of a little hard work. Right? And for what? The chance at the kind of retirement and lifestyle freedom that’s unique to each of us?

I talked about retirement, what it means to me, and my new journey towards that realization by becoming a digital entrepreneur and helping other so-called “Baby Boomers” to do the same.

That’s what I’m working towards, retirement on my terms!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”                                           – Henry Ford –

Let’s take a look at some history.

A quick look at the last 235 years.

Industrial revolution infographic
The four industrial revolutions.
  • 1784 the start of the first industrial revolution with the introduction of mechanical production, steam power, and railroads.
  • 1870 the start of the second industrial revolution with the advent of the assembly line, mass production, and electrical power.
  • 1969 the start of the third industrial revolution with automated production, electronics, computers, and the internet.
  • We are now in the fourth industrial revolution with artificial intelligence, robotics, big data and much more to come.
  • According to World Internet Stats as of December 31st, 2017 the total of world internet users was 4,156,932,140!

The world is shrinking!

shrinking world

Our world is shrinking at an incredible rate! That’s right shrinking!

With all the breakthroughs in technology, people are connecting on the internet with all kinds of devices, on a global basis every second of every day. Causing our world to get smaller and smaller.

As a result, there are more and more opportunities for all of us on a global scale! Not just opportunities for financial growth, but for spiritual growth, mental growth, wellness, and finding out what our true passions really are. It’s all out there! You just need to know where to look and who to trust!

As I continue my journey and keep you updated through the posts of my personal discoveries I hope to gain that trust.

On this website, I will be reflecting on what I’ve learned and put to action on my journey in order to teach and help others:

  • Find their true passion/s and follow them.
  • Improve their finances.
  • Grow spiritually.
  • Grow mentally.
  • Improve their health.

Let’s face it, true lifestyle freedom is a balance of all of the above. Without a healthy balance of mind, soul, and body can we truly have the lifestyle freedom all of us desire and deserve?


Everything is in constant change, it’s the way of the universe. We can choose to accept that fact and adapt to those changes as they come or try to hold on to things as they are. We have that choice.

If we are not happy with our current circumstances we can change them if we are ready to do some work. You have to admit anything worth having takes some work and effort on our part.

It also takes patience because as we go through those changes there is a constant series of ups and downs, but that’s life!

Seven months ago I made a commitment to myself that I was going to create the lifestyle that up until then I just dreamed about and I’m glad I did. But I still have a long way to go. I also realize in the grand scheme of things I don’t have that far to go to reach my goals.

I’ll admit that there have been days in my new journey that I wanted to throw in the towel and give up! Then there have been days when I’ve patted myself on the back and celebrated because of accomplishments made that are moving me towards my goals of time and financial freedom!

The changes in my life over the last seven months and the things I can do today that I didn’t think was possible just seven months ago gives me the fuel to keep moving forward, and if I can do it so can you!

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”                         Robin Sharma –

As always…….

I invite you to go to my contact page and drop me a line or two with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions as my journey through attraction, self-awareness, and education continues. All by creation and not competition.

Ready for retirement? At age 62 I wasn’t!

At the end of May of 2018, I decided to walk away from a profession in the construction industry I’d been doing for the last 15 years. At the age of 62, I should have been thinking about retirement anyway, but I wasn’t.

Now I’m sure my definition of retirement isn’t what your definition is, but that’s okay. I could never see myself puttering around the house all day or golfing seven days a week.

When I think of retirement I see myself still busy working but on my terms, not someone else’s, doing what interests me and still having the time and financial freedom to really enjoy my life!

But I found myself back in the job market, and for a 62-year-old who was in the construction industry all his life, it’s tough, to say the least, and I’m not alone, according to statistics:

Did you know?

Working after the age of retirement.
  • According to the Washington Post, there are a record number of people over 65 who are still in the workforce.
  • Senior citizen workers have more than doubled since 2000 from 4 million to 9 million.
  • Nearly 50 percent of people ages 50 to 59 have no pension coverage.
  • Teresa Ghilarducci, a labor economist with New York’s New School for Social Research was quoted saying “There is no part of the country where the majority of middle-class older workers have adequate retirement savings to maintain their standard of living in their retirement.”

So how much should you have for retirement?

In an AARP article titled “How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?” according to Morningstar, a Chicago-based investment-research firm, to generate a $40,000 a year income, for 30 years of retirement, you would need savings of $1.18 million.

See anything wrong with this?

  • First off, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $1.18 million in savings. How many people do you honestly know that do?
  • Second, these figures were based on the current interest and inflation rates at the time of the article. Who really knows what interest and inflation rates are going to do! I don’t have a clue, do you?
  • Third, $40,000 a year isn’t really that much money if you plan on really enjoying your final years!

A solution to the problem of retirement.

Husband and wife working online
Working in the office of your choice.

What if you could work from home or while traveling to new places or visiting family, as long as you had a laptop and an internet connection?

I found what I believe is the perfect solution to my retirement problem!

It is a journey of attraction, self-awareness, spiritual growth, and becoming educated as a digital entrepreneur that I started on in June of 2018.

What is unique about this journey is I’m not only solving my retirement problems through a value-based process of attraction and self-awareness, but it’s allowing me to help others that are in the same boat do the same!

It’s also a continuation of an older journey.

When I was 50 I suffered a heart attack and was laid up for about 6 months. At this time I started on a somewhat personal spiritual journey and after 13 years the somewhat no longer exists.

I could go on and on about my spiritual journey, what I’ve learned, how I’ve changed, and continue to change, but not right at this moment. But I will in future posts.

So follow my lead……

As I journey down my path, I invite you to come along with me, in hopes that I can give you some choices and help in your own journey through my experiences and thoughts.

I also invite you to go to my contact page and drop me a line or two with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions as my journey through attraction, self-awareness, and education continues. All by creation and not competition.

As I end this post……

I’d like to share with you something that really made me think about my own identity:


“We can only get in touch with our own source of intuition and wisdom when we no longer depend upon others’ opinions for our sense of Identity or Worth;

We all tend to worship something;

The question is, will we worship the god of opinion or the god of our heart?

I found I had less and less to say, until finally, I became silent, and began to listen, I discovered in the silence the voice of God.”

– Soren Kierkeguard –